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April 27, 2018

A high performing team demands a rigid policy and procedures manual. The framework of a high performing team draws a connection between the position descriptions, key performance indicators and the policy and procedures guide. Without an up to date version, it is diffi...

April 20, 2018

Mystery shopping has been around for many years, since the 1940’s in fact. It was originally used to assess the integrity of employees. As mystery shopping evolved, it has become more common to use it as a tool to compare the services of one company to another. In the...

April 13, 2018

I have spoken in previous posts about the career platform. Just to recap. Each member of the business is responsible for building their own career, as is each business owner or manager tasked with supporting this, by providing a platform in which the team can build the...

April 12, 2018

I remember my first job in property management, it was a leasing role with a boutique agency in Brisbane. I had no idea what the job entailed however, like many reading this blog, I worked hard and learnt quickly, on the job. I have spoken to many other people who also...

April 6, 2018

One thing that I promote is the integration between the property management business and the property sales business. In a very general way there are two types of real estate businesses. Broker centric and property management centric. The broker centric business is sal...

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